Lockdown case hearing starts

Parties in the lockdown case have on Monday filled their submission before a panel of three High Court judges for a determination.

The parties which include Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC), Church and Society and four others, obtained an injunction against the 21-day lockdown which government announced as part of containment measures to the spreading of COVID-19.

Lawyer representing HRDC, Sullivan Kagundu said the coalition and the other claimants have asked the court to interpret on whether the then Minister of Health Jappie Mhango followed the law when announcing the lockdown.

Additionally, the claimants are also asking the court to look on whether it was right to impose lockdown without caution measures.

The office of the Attorney General (AG) has also presented its submissions with the court.

Speaking to YFM the Attorney General Dr. Chikosa Silungwe confirmed the unconstitutionality of the planned lockdown as being argued by the claimants.

However the AG’s office has differed with the claimants that the then minister of health acted outside the law to promulgate a lockdown saying the Public Health Act gives the minister powers to plan a lockdown.

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