Government to sensitize masses on COVID-19

The Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity says it is developing message content that would respond to the prevailing myths around covid-19.

The line minister, Timothy Mtambo said most people are still living in doubt about the existence of the pandemic; a situation he says is escalating the spread of the disease in the country among other things.

Speaking to YFM, Mtambo said most people do not believe the existence of the disease as it was initially politicized, thus he said there is need to win people’s trust on the matter by addressing the challenges and myths surrounding the pandemic through mass awareness campaigns.

“Most people lost trust in the previous administration to the extent that they could not take the pandemic seriously,” he said.

Mtambo added: “We have a long way to go in ensuring that people have accurate information about the pandemic, thus we are now working on content of the messages that we would like to relay with the masses in our mass sensitization campaigns.”

The Minister however, urged the citizenry to accept that the virus is real thus the need for concerted efforts if the country is to successfully eradicate the pandemic.

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