Entrepreneurship think-tank calls for political will

By Mabuch Chunga

Planetarium Institute, an entrepreneurship think-tank has implored government to show political will by providing a conducive environment that will allow local businesses to flourish.

The firm’s founder Charles Nyekanyeka said for a long time the system has not been favorable for the growth of entrepreneurship and business development because the has not been cohesion of government institutions that are responsible.

“The biggest problem could be lack political will to make job creation a reality because we have seen more talk about this than reality,” said Nyekanyeka.

As a solution, Nyekanyeka has called on government to show interest in developing SME’s and entrepreneurship with clearer policies and guidelines.

“The biggest element is to have that political will to translate those policies into reality and that will cover the gap we currently have,” said Nyekanyeka.

He also predicts this could be the basic foundation to creating more jobs in the country a situation which is problem in the country.

“The government is the first element in the economy which is needed in order to create jobs,” said Nyekanyeka.

The entrepreneurship think tank is spurred by the drive to help the youth gain a foothold in the business arena.

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