Chinese wildlife case adjourned to August 26

The Chief Resident Magistrate Court in Lilongwe says it will rule on August 26, 2020 on whether a Chinese national Lin Yua Hua has a case to answer on illegal possession of specimen of listed species and other two charges.

According to Chief Resident Magistrate Violate Chipawo, both parties in the case have been given 14 days to file their submission.

Speaking to YFM, state lawyer Andy Kaonga said they are ready with their submission in accordance with evidence presented in the court.

“We will be able to be filing the documents on the evidence that has been so far paraded, we will make our own assessments of that evidence to convince the court that Mr. Lin and his colleague have a case to answer,” Kaonga said.

The court has since advised both parties in the case to make submissions by 12 August and that the determination on case to answer will be given on August 26, 2020.

Lin is answering charges of illegal possession of specimen of listed species which is contrary to section 86 1 of the National Parks and Wildlife Act, dealing in Government Trophies; contrary to section 91 (1), conspiracy to commit a felony and money laundering charges.

Lin was at large until on August 16, 2019 when he was arrested in Lilongwe`s Area 9 at his friend’s house and he has been on remand at Maula Prison.

Illegal wildlife trade is viewed as a low-risk but high-reward crime for organised gangs who trade in multiple illicit products such as gems and arms.

Corruption has been found to be a critical enabler of the illicit wildlife trade, taking place at sourcing, transit and export stages, and involving both public and private sector`s abuse of power and trust.

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