CISONECC calls for clarity on climate change management

The Civil Society Network on Climate Change (CISONECC) has expressed concern on the absence and lack of clarity on Ministry responsible for Disaster Risk Management, Environmental Management and Climate Change Management in the newly appointed cabinet.

CISONECC Board Member Professor Blessings Chinsinga has told journalists in Lilongwe that lack of clarity on this issue may compromise stakeholder’s role on ensuring that the ministry discharges its duties in a transparency and accountable manner.

“We are very concerned that as of now we don’t know quite clearly which will be the lead agency for climate change.

“Much as that may not be very important in terms of getting results but it is very critical in terms of providing strategic direction for implementing climate change activities,” he said.

Professor Chinsinga added that government should abandon all fossil-based energy plans for Malawi and pursue clean decentralised renewable energy pathways.

“We should have a strategic plan that will virtually lead us to doing away with the fossil fuels, and if we start now, then within the next five to ten years we should be able to graduate from the use of fossil fuels to renewable forms of energy,” he said.

The Network also called upon government to step up efforts of ensuring that wildlife and forestry resources are adequately protected through effective enforcement of available laws to address the issue of unsustainable exploitation of wildlife and forest resources.

In additional, all cases of unlawful exploitation of wildlife and forestry resources should be dealt with transparently and according to law.

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