MISA partners women associations to fight sexual harassment

The Media Institute for Southern Africa has partnered with the Women Lawyers Association (WLA) and the Association of Women in Media (AWOME) to fight sexual harassment in the media space.

In a statement signed by MISA chairperson Teresa Ndanga, President for WLA Tadala Chinkwezule and AWOME representative Edith Kambalame, the partnership will look at look at cases of sexual harassment in the sector to help victims seek justice.

Female journalists have been asked to report any cases of sexual harassment with an assurance that survivors will be handled with utmost confidentiality.

The statement also recognized the importance of media in promoting change and that it should not be a platform or source of disgrace.

It acknowledged the bravery demonstrated by some female journalists who have openly spoken out about their experiences and some are already seeking justice.

Media houses have been encouraged to internally begin to have honest discussions on sexual harassment and develop policies that protect women in the workplace and ensure that perpetrators are not being shielded and systems of redress are put in place for survivors of sexual violence.

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