Government pledges support for research development

Government has reiterated on the need for the country`s education sector to invest in research for development of the nation.

Minister of Education Agnes NyaLonje sounded the call in Lilongwe during a ceremony of awarding 40 postgraduate students who pocketed K500,000 each for their respective researches.

In an interview, NyaLonje said there is need to engage the country`s researchers who are capable of bringing evidence based solution to various challenges rocking the nation.

“Research for science and technology innovation or research in any other field whether is social sciences, culture, arts is extremely important because when we use the word research maybe what we don’t recognize is basically we are saying cultivating the inquisitive mind, the mind that looks for answers,” said NyaLonje.

And on her part, one of the awardees Prisca Mdziolera expressed gratitude for the recognition.

“It’s an honour, it was competitive and to come up with a successful proposal it wasn’t easy and I am sure this going to fulfil my dreams and my aspiration as well,” said Mdziolera.

Prisca has since appealed to government to increase beneficiaries of the fund.

The education ministry has since disbursed K20 million for the project catering all the 40 postgraduate students as each has received K500,000 respectively.

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