Blantyre DHO calls for behaviour change amidst pandemic

There is laxity in following Covid-19 preventive measures among people in Blantyre despite the district registering more Covid-19 cases and deaths.

Speaking to YONECO FM online, Director of Health and Social Services for the district, Dr. Gift Kawalazira cited markets and funerals as some of the places where behaviors need to change.

“For us to fight Covid-19 we need to do things differently, our behaviors have to change but what we see when we go to the market for instance in Limbe most people are not following all the laid out precautionary measures of Covid-19,” he said.

“We are encouraged by other institutions such as banks and restaurants, when you go there you find that precautionary measures are being adhered to.”

He however commended different partners for raising awareness on the pandemic saying most people are aware of its existence and preventive measures.

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