Analyst tips government on Covid-19 stigma

A social commentator Lucky Mbewe has appealed to government to strongly engage stakeholders in addressing stigma associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

Mbewe made the appeal following reports by the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 that they have been increased reports of discrimination towards people who have are suffering or have recovered from Covid-19.

“The taskforce has a very big duty to engage with religious leaders, non-governmental organizational and even traditions leaders to make sure that everyone is aware of how this disease is spread and management and care for those people who have been affected,” he said.

“You may agree with me that the key stakeholders haven’t been fully represented making it difficult for the information to reach out to everyone fully.”

Mbewe has urged government to make use of the media as a tool in disseminating information in regards to Covid-19 management.

“I haven’t seen much media involvement because the media plays a very crucial role in engaging people on the ground,” he said.

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