Community of Saint’Egidio launches ‘I care’ campaign

Community of Saint’Egidio has launched a campaign dubbed “I care” aimed at helping people in need amidst coronavirus pandemic.

The campaign among others, will provide masks to the elderly and those that cannot afford especially in villages as well prisons just to mention a few.

Cliff Daniel, Community of Saint’Egidio Coordinator told YFM that it is a tough time for everyone but it is toughest for the needy and less privileged hence the campaign

“We understand that the pandemic has taken a toll on all of us as a country but imagine the situation for those that are less privileged,” said Daniel.

The movement has called on all well wishers that can support to come in with resources as well as talents to help those in need.

“We are requesting for support of any kind be it material things or talents such as tailoring, nursing, carpentry and many others to join us as we help those in need,” added Daniel.

Community of Saint’Egidio is a Catholic Church movement that started in Rome in 1968 by Andrea Riccardi and its main pillars are prayer, helping the needy, peace and dialogue.

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