Fisher warn players against social football

One of the country’s veteran footballer, Fisher Anong’a Kondowe, has caution his fellow players from the top league clubs against taking part in social games.

Kondowe’s warning comes following an observation that some super league club players are showcasing their talents by taking part in games organized by social teams from their respective localities.

The players’ involvement in social matches comes as a result of an elongated break in soccer activities due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The long time serving Big Bullets winger, said the players’ conduct puts them at risk of jeopardizing their career considering the bad condition of the playing fields.

Kondowe said: “Let me warn these players that they are putting their career at risk since the grounds being used are mostly rough a development which exposes them to injuries and this might lead to an early retirement of their career.”

He further expressed fear that if a player picks an injury, the club which he is employed can not take any responsibility because the incident has happened outside his line of duty, let alone against the contractual terms.

According to the guidelines governing the club’s contracts, it clearly stipulates that “any injury sustained out of work (team’s sanctioned activity) cannot be covered by the club.”

On the other hand, Kondowe said COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected the players’ welfare as they are struggling to get their daily needs due to lock-down measures.

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