Saint Egidio launches I Care Campaign

Saint Egidio Community has distributed assorted items to the elderly as well as introducing a porridge program to needy children in Mzuzu city amidst COVID 19 pandemic.

This follows the launch of I Care Campaign which the community launched a week ago to help the needy in Mzuzu City and surrounding areas.

Speaking to YFM online, coordinator for the community, Crief Daniel, attributed the success of the campaign to numerous donations from well wishers in the city.

“ We have received financial and material support from different people, for instance the porridge we are sharing with the children is made from rice we received from the well wishers”, Said Daniel.

Following Ministry of Health COVID-19 restriction measures, the community is serving the beneficiaries in small groups. 

“We have over 80 children for this porridge program but we have divided them into groups so that they are fed in turns while observing all COVID-19 preventive measures,” added Daniel.

Saint Egidio is a Catholic movement which started in Rome in 1968 by an Italian historian, professor, politician and activist Andrea Riccardi.

The movement was built on prayer, helping the needy, peace and dialogue.

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