Experts provide guidelines on Covid-19 disinfection measures

Malawi Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists (MAMLS) has observed a deficiency of information on Covid-19 disinfection measures.

Vice President for the association, Confidence Banda, said people are failing to differentiate disinfection from fumigation.

Banda says Malawians have to know that fumigation is only done to kill insects whereas viruses require wiping of premises with recommended substances.

Banda said: “What is lacking most is the understanding of viruses and this coronavirus is in the group of Enveloped viruses so this group can’t be fumigated.”

He said only insects and pests that can be seen are the ones to be fumigated.

Banda therefore advised that when carrying out a disinfection exercise on coronavirus, there is need to carefully clean the surface first.

“What we need to understand is that first of all we are supposed to clean the surface before wiping it with disinfectants and this is required to be done on daily basis.”

Disinfection exercises have been carried out in different places, including work institutions, in response to Public Health COVID-19 preventive and management rules of 2020 gazetted laws imposed by the Ministry Health on August 7.

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