Tonse government manifesto promises under scrutiny

Political analyst Humphreys Mvula has advised the Tonse government to make public its roadmap for implementation of election manifesto promises.

The Tonse Alliance promised to sell fertiliser at K4,495 per 50 kilogramme bag, creating 1 million jobs and revising downwards passport and driving license fees.

The alliance, comprising Malawi Congress Party (MCP), UTM party and seven other political parties, also promised to revise upwards the tax free band from K45,000 to K100,000 once ushered into power.

However, some quarters including main opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leadership have complained that government is taking too long to implement its campaign promises.

Mvula told YFM Online that government’s silence on the matter is fueling the public outcry.

He, however, advised the public to be patient as the current leadership has been in power for a short period.

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