Lilongwe City Council demolishes curio traders’ structures

Curio traders in Lilongwe are resisting pressure from authorities to move out from their market premises to pave way for the construction of dual carriage way.

On Wednesday morning, Lilongwe City Council caterpillar accompanied by armed police officers, demolished part of the structures along the Kamuzu Procession Road in Area 3.

In an interview, one of the curio traders John Masale has blamed authorities for not informing them in advance about the development.

“We understand that the road is going to be belt but there was supposed to a proper procedure to be taken, we were supposed to be told in a proper manner, but it wasn’t like this,” wondered Masale.

He has also decried the compensation money saying that it is too little as the lowest is K35, 000.

“K35, 000 can`t be a compensation to us who have been in the business for quite such a long time, what can we do with such K35, 000,” decried Masale.

Meanwhile, Lilongwe City Council Spokesperson Tamara Chafunya has since asked for more time to comment on the matter.

The traders have been told to relocate to a place along the Chilambula Highway opposite Road Traffic Directorate offices.

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