NPC calls for inclusiveness en route to Vision 2063

The first ever National Development Conference organised by the National Planning Commission (NPC) has ended in Lilongwe with a call that the National Transformation 2063 should be youth-driven. 

During the 2-day conference, delegates at the conference discussed three main pillars which are agriculture commercialization, industrialization and urbanization.

In an interview, one of the Commissioners at National Planning Commission Philip Madinga said the Commission is ready to incorporate all suggestion from Malawians as inputs into the Vision 2063.

“The key vision which has come through is about wealthy creation and inclusive growth but when we consulted together with our partners, one of things from a vision point of view that we got feedback on was that it needs to be youth driven,” said Madinga.

“So the vision is really about inclusiveness and wealthy creation, moving away from poverty reduction and focusing on wealthy creation.”

He added the conference gave their Commission a timely platform for experts from various field to thoroughly discuss Vision 2063.

“We were here for the past two days to validate the new vision, the pillars and the enablers that are emerging as part of the replacement Vision that we at the Commission are championing so we brought these experts together to validate that new Vision that we are developing,” said Madinga.

The Commission will continue receiving suggestion from the citizenry, state and non-state actors including developmental partners to continue deliberating on emerging issues from public consultations on the 2063 development agenda which is of the successor to Vision 2020.

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