Angry residents in running battles with police in Mulanje

There were running battles at Chitakale Trading Centre in Mulanje district on Monday between residents and police over land.

An eye witness told YFM online that residents are against the move by Chitakale Plantations Limited belonging to Mulli Brothers Limited to turn a football ground at Chitakale Trading Centre into an estate.

The football ground under dispute which is part of Chitakale Plantations Limited land, is mainly used by residents.

The protests culminated into chaos after law enforcers fired teargas cannisters to disperse the angry protesters and in retaliation the protesters pelted stones at the police.

Mulli Brothers Limited Managing Director Leston Mulli described the protests as an assassination perpetrated by what he termed as crooks aiming at tarnishing the relationship between the estate and members of the community.

Officials from Mulanje Police Station are yet to comment on the matter.

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