Mental health services still rolling

The Ministry of Health says some district hospitals that had a shortage of mental health drugs were advised to order from the Central Medical Stores Trust in order for them to continue assisting persons with mental health problems.

The revelation was made when YONECO FM online was enquiring how the line ministry has handled the issue of unavailability of essential drugs for mental health disorders.

Assistant director of clinical health services responsible for mental health and substance abuse Michael Udedi said though a few district hospitals had this challenge most mental health facilities including Zomba Mental Hospital had adequate supply of drugs.

“When we got reports that some district hospitals experienced drug shortages we checked with the CMST and they said they have the drugs so we referred the hospitals to CMST to ensure they make arrangements to get the drugs.”

Meanwhile, guidelines were developed for mental health institutions to follow to minimize the risk of the patients from contracting Covid-19 virus.

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