Democracy in right direction-analyst

From 2019 to sometime around June 2020, Malawi faced its serious test for democracy.

The frequency at which the country witnessed mass protests, the challenge and the historical nullification of the 2019 presidential election and its subsequent fresh election, are enough evidence that the country’s democracy was facing a serious dare.

Perhaps, these could explain whether the country’s democracy is on the right trail.

The country’s renowned political analyst and researcher, Dr. Augustine Magolowondo, sees that Malawi’s democracy has improved over the recent years.

The sentiments have been made as the country joined the global community in commemorating the “International Day of Democracy” which falls on September 15, annually.

The analyst said the country’s democracy, which was earned almost 27 years ago, has demonstrated signs of great improvement.

According to him, key areas that have improved include, the independence of the judiciary, press freedom and citizen participation in electoral processes.

“We have seen the judiciary in the recent past demonstrating a great deal of independence, even Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have taken up more civic activism,” said Magolowondo.

He however said some areas still need to be improved in order for Malawi’s democracy to continue maturing.

“The executive and the judiciary have been at logger heads so this needs to be resolved, on the other hand political parties have become fragile,” he concluded.

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