Parliament opts for Ministers’ houses

As debate on the construction of House for legislators takes center stage, the Parliamentary Cluster on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and Public Appointments has proposed for the construction of house for Cabinet Ministers. 

The cluster suggested this after meeting a delegation from the office of President and cabinet where it has been discovered that the Office has been operating under unnecessarily expenses due to lack of familiar policies.

In an interview, Chairperson of the Cluster Isaac Kaneka said government can save billions of kwacha if Cabinet Ministers have their Houses Constructed in the country`s capital unlike leasing which is costly.

“They have to think of having their own houses instead of leasing or renting houses because they are complaining that they incur a lot of resources,” proposed Kaneka.

Kaneka added that the Office needs to have asset disposal policy on a number of operations.

“It seems that government as a whole they don’t have what we call asset disposal policy because they cannot run a car for ten years, it becomes expensive that way.

We have encouraged them to institute these policies to avoid wasting resources in such a manner,” said Kaneka. Currently, government provides house allowances for the Ministers.

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