Tough economic times shake curio business

Curio traders whose main customers are foreign nationals have registered losses as Malawi continues to grapple with impacts of Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the traders Wasili Chitumba told YONECOFM Online that the business environment has been tough since most Malawians do not embrace locally made products.

“Times are hard since the borders and airports closed for business,” the traders concurred with each other.

Chitumba said what they require now is startup capital for a different business.

But Mwayi M’memo who’s in the same business feels that loan disbursement is selective, citing that only those who are politically connected benefit.

“If government decides to give out loans then I would suggest that the process should be transparent because what we have previously seen is that political party sympathizers are the ones that benefit.”

He further extended an invite to fellow Malawians and hotels to purchase their products and use them for decoration other than opting to buy overseas.

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