CCJP trains judicial staff, police on legal obligations

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) is training  judicial staff and police officers on their legal obligations in a bid to promote human rights and access to justice for persons with albinism.

George Usiwa, Governance Program Manager for CCJP said that CCJP has noted a legal knowledge gap by some law enforcing officers towards persons with albinism and disability hence the need to train the officers on the same.

“We have noted that we assume that judicial officers and police officers know quite a lot when it comes to legal information.

“But we have also realized that the issue of legal awareness and access to legal information among judicial personnel and police officers is quite problematic,” said Usiwa.

He further elaborated that the main focus of the trainings is to ensure that there is universal access to justice for all especially persons with albinism and disabilities something that is usually overlooked.

He Said: “This is focusing on strengthening the rights of persons with albinism and focusing on access to justice and health care.”

The trainings are taking place in the districts of Zomba and Machinga to strengthen access to justice by the marginalized.

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