2020 tobacco season was fair – Tama

Tama Farmers Trust says this year’s tobacco season fared relatively well despite registering some hardships.

Nixon Lita, Tama Farmers Trust’s Chief Executive Officer made the comments while giving a brief overview of how this year’s selling season went.

Lita said one of the biggest highlights of the market was better buying prices which were considerably better than the previous year.

“The market was an improvement over last year especially in terms of prices, this year the prices were higher than last year,” he said.

However, he expressed his disappointment over the high rejection rate of tobacco that was registered specifically on Auction Tobacco.

Lita said: “But of course, we had some challenges the main one being we registered higher rejection rates on the market, especially to do with auction tobacco.”

The Tobacco sales still took place despite various reservations over how the Tobacco Commission (TC) would handle the Covid-19 Pandemic and fortunately enough there has not been an incident of positive cases on the floor.

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