National Youth Policy review process delayed

The National Youth Council of Malawi (NYCOM) says it has delayed in reviewing the National Youth Policy because youths were not forthcoming with their views.

Initially the council planned to finalize the consultation processes with various stakeholders including the youths by September 2020.

But speaking to YFM, NYCOM Executive Director Dingiswayo Jere said the process has delayed because the council did not get enough feedback from the youth.

“Many youth networks did not come up with their responses despite asking them to do so,” he explained.

Jere said the council has since arranged an audience with youth networks starting from next week in the selected districts.

However, a youth rights activist Lucky Mbewe has faulted the council saying it did not use proper channels of engaging the youths.

  1. The national youth policy is being reviewed following an expiry in the year 2018.

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