Chihana pushes for digital economy

Member of Parliament (MP) for Mzimba North Yeremia Chihana has called for enrollment of digital economy in making transaction for both government and private sector business.

According Chihana, Malawi is still focusing on physical economy despite world economy migrating into digital one which he says it is affecting the country`s economic progress as compared to the world economies.

“The world economy is now integrated into the digital economy and members of the OECD countries are advancing to taxation which is related to the digital economy, but Malawi we are lagging behind we are still concentrating on the physical economy,” he said.

“Physical economy is very dangerous and it is not is easy to increase the base of taxation and in the end we have ended up having taxation and changing the tax base of most companied.”

Chihana said government should embark on administering policies that will ensure the commencement of the digital economy.

“Both government and the private sector should work out on instituting favorable policies that will ensure smooth implementation of the digital economy,” said Chihana.

Recently, Malawians protested online in a data-must fall campaign accusing internet providers of charging high data costs.

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