No scabies drugs in Nkhata Bay

Health Authorities in Nkhata Bay say they are no scabies drugs to treat patients who have been affected by the outbreak in Usisya.

Director of Health and Social Services for Nkhata Bay Dr Mwatikonda Mbendera told YFM that the Mzuzu Central Medical Stores Trust where the hospital gets its drugs supply does not have them.

“As it stands Mzuzu Medical Stores requested the drugs from Lilongwe Central Medical Stores Trust so the Mzuzu office promised us that they will get them for us this week so that we start treating the patients,” Mbendera said.

Presently there are no statistics of those that been affected since they have not received any treatment.

“We should be able to give a clear picture of those that have been affected when we start administering drugs to these patients.”

Scabies is a contagious skin condition caused by a mite.

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