Bagma tips govt on youth entrepreneurship in agriculture

Business Agriculture Malawi (Bagma) an organization aimed at promoting agriculture business among the youth has given the Tonse led government some indicators which could help to promote youth entrepreneurship in agriculture.

Bagma says the youth have been sidelined for so long in the agricultural sector due to the structure of governance systems which do not allow pro-active participation of the youth in various entrepreneurial spaces.

According to a statement from the organization signed by its Director Blessings Malefula, the youth face various challenges which are usually not addressed this is why they have chipped in to provide council.

Bagma stipulates that the agriculture sector has the potential to create the 1 million jobs the Tonse government promised if it is given attention and opportunity it deserves.

The statement reads in part: “The agriculture sector can provide much of the One Million jobs the Tonse government has been preaching all along, if only given a chance and attention.”

The organization went on to highlight some areas that are not being addressed that would rectify the problem of young people being put aside in their contribution towards development especially in the agriculture sector.

Bagma says government should revise the National Economic Empowerment Fund policies so that it addresses the actual issues that hamper agriculture development such providing sufficient funds to allow people to properly set up business enterprises as is the current situation.

“The Agriculture Loan is locking out more people especially youth who want to venture into agriculture and agribusiness, but are failing just because they do not have Capital (money) that will enable them to acquire the other three factors of production,” reads the statement in part.

The organization has also called for a reduction of the investment costs in automated farming so that young people are given a chance to acquire modern farming machinery which will allow the country to migrate from manual farming and maximize production.

Finally the youth should not be marginalized when it comes to implementing agricultural activities that take place in the country.

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