Dapivirine vaginal ring to be ready for use in 2021

The UNC Project-Malawi says the development of is a woman-controlled HIV prevention method known as Dapivirine Vaginal Ring is at advanced stage.

Speaking during an engagement with the media on the update status of the method, SRHR Africa Trust Country Programme Officer Novice Bamusi whom his trust is partnering UNC Project-Malawi on the method, said the ring is expected to be ready for use next year.

“Currently we are looking at years maybe 2020 that the vaginal ring as a product is going to be on the market,” said Bamusi.

According to Bamusi, the method is currently being assessed by international health bodies before it is approved for use among women in the country.

“They came up with a positive opinion about the ring on the 24th of July this year and this shows that the ring has been accepted at high level and waiting for like the World Health Organisation (WHO) to come up with guidelines,” said Bamusi.

Additional data provided during the European Medicines Agency (EMA) review showed the dapivirine ring reduced women’s HIV risk by 35% with no safety concerns with long-term use.

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