Department of National Parks moves to end wildlife smuggling

The Department of National Parks and Wildlife has appealed to the general public to report anyone who they suspect to be involved in the smuggling of endangered species.

The call has been made by the Director of National Parks and Wildlife Brighton Kumchedwa as the country has seen a rise in the number of people caught selling pangolins which are protected wildlife species.

Kumchedwa said that such type of practice puts the country’s tourism industry in jeopardy since the protected species attract tourists hence the need for concerted efforts to put a stop to such malpractice.

“We have God given heritage but very important because it contributes towards to the beauty of the country and also promotes tourism,” he said.

“If tourism goes up it means it brings back revenue which is used to develop the country so if we destroy this we are also destroying the country’s beauty.”

Kumchedwa added that the department has intensified its efforts in securing parks and sensitizing the public against the malpractice.

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