Second wave of Covid-19 preventable

An epidemiologist says Malawians can prevent the second wave of Covid-19 if they adhere to preventive measures for the disease.

Dr Titus Divala made the comment when asked if Malawi was safe from the second wave of the disease which some countries like Spain are experiencing.

“It is complex and somehow challenging to predict what may happen in the next couple of month especially with everyone relaxing and getting back to normal it is possible that cases may start rising again,” he said.

Divala told YONECO FM online that it is highly likely that Malawi could experience the second wave of the disease but it would not be severe.

“It is common in these kind of diseases that the second wave may happen but it may not be as disastrous but this does not mean that people should be relaxed.”

He also mentioned that our health system faces a number of challenges therefore people must ensure they are doing the right things to ease the pressure that health workers have had since the pandemic hit the country.

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