Fount for Nations empowers women with financial literacy

In a bit to economically empower parents of children with disabilities, a charity organisation Fount for Nations has embarked on an initiative of training such parents how to run various businesses.

The Initiative, which is being implemented in Lilongwe and Blantyre districts, aims at supporting the parents financially and psychosocially and it is being rolled out with Financial Support from Segal Family Foundation through the Social Impact Incubator 6.

In an interview, Head of Family Support at Fount of Nations Alinafe Santhe said the organisation thought of training the women as a way of enabling their livelihoods.

“We saw that parents with children with disabilities difficult time especially when it comes to taking care of these children so we entered into a collaboration with the school,” Santhe said.

“So that we should be having a family support with the children in the resources classrooms and these parents we deal with them by having them psychosocial support which is counselling and also economic empowerment.”

And on her part, one of the participants Janet Mtila expressed satisfaction with the skills she has attained during the training saying that she will now have proper understanding on how to run a business.

“I have benefitted a lot from this initiative as I am now able to know how I can invest my capital into something very product which can transform my family and it’s my appeal that this Initiative reaches out to all needy and intended parents especially those with children with disabilities,” said Mtila.

Fount For Nations is working mostly with children with disabilities in selected primary government schools.

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