Industry minister promises to combat smuggling

Minister of Industry Roy Kachale says his ministry will work tirelessly to ensure that there is a total shutdown on the smuggling of foreign goods into the country.

Kachale made the commitment following an outcry from local industry players who claim that they are failing to register profits due to an influx of smuggled goods into the country’s markets.

He added that from various meetings he has held with local manufacturers, one major contributing factor to the problem is at the country’s border posts where security officers connive with neighboring business men to illegally import goods.

Kachale said: “But it is also mostly items coming through the borders because there is collusion between the smugglers and our security officers.”

He also appealed to authorities involved in such a malpractice to deeply reflect on their actions and change.

“Therefore, I stressed that as Malawi we need to look within ourselves, within the agencies at our borders to ensure that there is no such things happening,” he said.

Despite the call Kachale, has warned that any official who will be found aiding such an illegal practice will be brought to book.

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