Chakwera challenged to denounce anarchy

The Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) has challenged President Lazarus Chakwera to rise up and denounce cases of anarchy that have rocked the nation.

The call follows incidences that happened on Sunday whereby irate Area 44 residents in Lilongwe razed down property worth millions of Kwacha belonging to Kumbali Lodge while in Dedza, people from Fumbwa village Traditional Authority Tambala took the law into their own hands and brutally stoned an old woman to death.

The Lilongwe irate villagers torched part of the Lodge after being angered by the arrest of fellow villagers who were apprehended for encroaching into the lodge while in Dedza the old woman was accused of witchcraft.

CDEDI Executive Director, Sylvester Namiwa said: “President Chakwera should realize that the increase in cases of mob justice is an apparent indication of a hopeless and lawless society.”

However, Namiwa has appealed to people in the country to desist from taking laws into their own hands and also asked the media, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), traditional leaders and all the influential leaders in the society to take a role in raising awareness on the same.

Meanwhile, one of the country’s economic expert, Professor Betchani Tchereni, says the arson that took place at Kumbali Lodge could potentially affect tourism activities in the country thereby affecting its economy in turn.

“Burning of hotel may scare tourist who were planning to visit the venue,” said Tchereni.

However, he was quick to point out that since the conflict was between the people in the area and the owners of the lodge therefore it may not represent the whole spectrum of Malawi as a country.

Tchereni has nonetheless shared Namiwa’s views that if the conflict is left unresolved it could negatively affect the country’s tourism hence crippling its economy.

Meanwhile, Minister of Homeland Security, Richard Chimwendo Banda, has assured that the law enforcing agency will investigate both cases.

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