Chakwera faces MPs for the second time

President Lazarus Chakwera on Wednesday went to the August House for the second time since he took over the office to answer questions from the Members of the house.

Before taking questions from the Legislatures, Chakwera started by strongly denouncing what he described as barbaric and inhuman acts of raping a young girl in Chikwawa and the stoning to death of an old woman in Dedza.

He therefore called on Malawians to denounce the same before leading the house in observing a moment of silence in honour of the woman who killed in Dedza.

One of the critical issue which dominated the house was the question by Zomba Chisi lawmaker, Mark Bottoman, who asked the President on what motivated government decision to tie a diplomatic relationship with Israel.

In his response, Chakwera highlighted that the diplomatic relationship between the two countries which dates back in 1964 is “solely on mutual benefits between the two nations.”

He there challenged members of the house not to be afraid of any pressure from the African Union (AU) and United Nations (UN) since Malawi is a sovereign state which is mandated to make its independent  decisions.

Land issues also raised attention in the house following a question by Chitipa South Parliamentarian, Welani Chilenga, who asked the president how his administration will deal with issues related to land including the illegal selling of land to foreigners.

In his response, the State President directed the Minister responsible for lands to review all the land laws and make sure they are brought to Parliament for amendment in the next sitting of Parliament.

Regarding the issue of Mulanje and Thyolo, where large portion of land is being owned by estate owners, Chakwera said it is the desire of his administration to ensure Malawians leaving near tea, coffee and other plantations are benefiting from any investment taking place in the areas.

On September 10, 2020, Chakwera also appealed before the Parliament on the same mission.

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