AFIDEP inspires change among Malawians

The African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP) has challenged Members of Parliament (MPs) to be pioneers of change in their respective constituencies.

AFIDEP Director of Development and Head of Malawi Office Professor Nyovani Madise said this in Lilongwe during a donation of T-Shirts to the legislators in a Change Starts with Movement.

According to Professor Madise, every individual has a responsibility of being an agent of change in a society especially those in different leadership positions.

“We are targeting members of parliament because they are uphold the law but our thinking is that if the MPs themselves accepts the challenge it’s easier for their constituents to accept the challenge by being likeminded,” said Professor Madise.

In an interview, Professor Madise said Malawi has lost its integrity and there is need to inspire change in various sectors of the society for Malawians to embrace love and patriotism.

“That warm heart of Malawi seems to have disappeared, people seem not to care about each other and I though we can get back to where we were, we can be the same people who were warm to each other, law abiding and who did not accept bribes,” said Professor Madise.

The Change Starts with Movement has got five simple messages, being kind to each other as Malawians, being obedient to the country`s laws, professionalism in different laws, no to corruption and not accepting bribes.

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