Hands off politics in ICT sector – Minister

Government has called for depoliticisation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector for the benefit of all Malawians regardless of their political affiliations.

According to Minister of Information Gospel Kazako, it is worrisome to note that the country`s ICT sector progress has been hampered by political influence especially from those in power.

“If we continue to be politicising matters that are national, matters that are going to secure our future, if we continue to put politics in issue that affect everyone in this country, I think we will not move or cover more distance.

“The future is ICT and if Malawi will not be very careful and start to look at this with very compromised lenses, I can assure you that most of the countries that re probably behind will overtake and we will be an economy in the bush, and we will not go anywhere,” said Kazako.

He cited the introduction of Tele centers as an example saying that politics surrounding the development has negatively affected its progress.

“There is telecenter that was actually moved from a place it was designated to somewhere 35kms away just because a Member of Parliament (MP) and his or her parents were staying there, they wanted to take advantage of electricity and other amenities, we can’t operate like that unfortunately,” said Kazako.

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