Activist calls for more efforts to curb child sexual abuse

A child rights campaigner says Malawi is faring badly in the prevention of child sexual abuse.

The remarks have come as Malawi has joined the global community in observing  the 19 Days of Activism of Prevention of violence and abuse against children and youth where the theme for November 2 focused on prevention of child sexual abuse.

Speaking to Yoneco FM online, Caleb Ng’ombo  who is also executive director for People Saving Girls at Risk said Malawi needs to ensure that children who have been sexually abused are given intensive psychosocial support because they experience so much pain.

“We need to strengthen our psychosocial services because survivors of sexual violence go through trauma which can last a lifetime,” Ng’ombo said.

He recommended that trainings for psychiatrists and counsellors should be stepped up in order for them to ably assist survivors of sexual abuse.

“In some situations psychiatrists would even prescribe drugs for a person, who has experienced sexual abuse, it is the psychiatrists who ascertain the levels of damage the person has suffered,” Ng’ombo said.

He also observed that despite awareness campaigns on dangers of sexual abuse the cases are still on the rise.

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