Skin cancer programme to benefit 252 persons with albinism in Machinga

In an effort to combat some challenges persons with albinism are facing, Standing Voice has rolled out an initiative of distributing skin cancer prevention lotion in Machinga district.

Country director for Standing Voice Boniface Massah said it is a routine initiative that they do every six months with an aim of improving the health status of persons with albinism among others.

“We have so far successfully started our clinics very well it’s a routine program that we do every six months, but due to covid-19 we only conducted the clinics early this year and this is our second visit,” Massah said.

He further said at least 252 people are expected to benefit from the program in Machinga district.

“We have reached to over 252 people and these are those that we see them every six months, out of these we have conducted surgeries to 15 people where we have managed to remove cancer,” he said.

Massah said they also engage the ministry of health when conducting the clinics.

“We are doing this in partnership with the ministry of health here in Machinga we are working with the district health officer,” he said.

Massah said so far they have success stories not only because of the distribution sun skin lotion but also the acceptance, love that communities are showing to the person`s with albinism in the area and the total commitment by health workers supporting person`s with albinism when they visit their facilities.

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