Palestinian leader pens Chakwera on Jerusalem mission

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has asked his Malawian counterpart Lazarus Chakwera to reconsider the country`s decision on having an embassy in the disputed Holy City of Jerusalem.

Palestinian President special envoy to Malawi Hannan Jarrar said this in Lilongwe after handing a letter from President Abbas on status of Jerusalem under the international law.

According to Jarrar, the international law does not recognise Jerusalem as part of Israel since her establishment in 1948.

Jarrar has questioned Malawi`s integrity in accordance with the United Nations Resolutions and international law.

“Since Malawi recognised the State of Palestine in 1989 which was really a fantastic move that time and very progressive, so we expect Malawi will continue in the same line and taking into the consideration the right of Palestine people in self-determination and in sovereignty over their occupied land.

“And also to take into consideration the respect of international law and the principles that all African countries stand for and believe in,” said Jarrar.

Ever since President Chakwera declared Malawi`s interest to establish diplomatic mission in Holy City of Jerusalem, the matter has attracted international attention being the first African country to make such a diplomatic decision.

Ironically, the country`s Minister of Foreign Affairs Eisenhower Mkaka is currently in Israel holding bilateral talks on the prospects of having a mission in Jerusalem.

Last month, lawmaker for Zomba Chisi Constituency Mark Botomani questioned Chakwera on reasons that motivated Government`s decision to focus Malawi’s diplomatic attention to Israel and whether the Government consulted the African Union before making the decision including Malawi’s position vis-à-vis UN Resolution 2334.

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