Man hangs himself over fertilizer in Dowa

A 32-year-old man has died in Dowa after committing suicide after quarreling with his wife over fertilizer.

Dowa Police spokesperson Gladson M’bumpha identified the deceased as Weluzani Sapedzeka of Bokosi Village in the area of Traditional Authority Chiwere in Dowa District.

The incident happened on Sunday afternoon, November 8 2020 at Bokosi Village.

It is reported that the deceased is addicted to drinking beer especially Kachasu and on November 2 2020, he had misunderstanding with his wife Judith of Katuma Village where the two were staying.

The deceased wanted to sell one bag of fertilizer which he bought on affordable input programme in order to use the money for drinking beer.

When the deceased saw that his wife had refused, he went to his home village at Bokosi and stayed there.

On November 8 2020, the deceased went within his village to drink beer in the morning and later left the drinking joint around noon.

The deceased was discovered hanging up in a tree at a dambo by some people who later reported to his relatives and then to police.

Upon receipt of the matter, police visited the scene and took the body to Chankhungu Health Centre where postmortem conducted established that death was caused due to suffocation as a result of strangulation.

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