We are receiving more support from people – ACB

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has disclosed that there is an increase in money being investigated by the graft-bursting body.

Without revealing the actual amount as to what sum of the money has risen to, ACB Director General Reyneck Matemba said the Bureau is receiving huge support from Malawians as more cases are being reported.

“The cases have increased because that’s almost a month ago, the amount of money has increased obviously as we are receiving overwhelming complaints and tips from Malawians,” he said.

Matemba, who was speaking during the launch of the Anti-Corruption Awareness Month with a parade around some townships in Lilongwe, said ACB has been given much space to execute its duties towards the fight against corrupt practices.

“What we have noted is that in recent months, most stakeholders have come abroad but most of all what we have witnessed is that government has given us space to do our work something which was lacking previously and we have resources,” he said.

The ACB Director General added that ever since the Bureau reported that it was investigating money amounting to K1.2 trillion in its 181 cases it was analysing, there is a good coordination among relevant stakeholders.

And on his part, Deputy Director of Administration at the Office in the President and Cabinet Lyson Kandu said the fight against corruption in the country should be done by everyone in the country.

“We need to change our mindset towards this challenge of corruption, we all need to come together and fight against the vice, OPC is just an overseer of all government institutions, the battle is not for ACB alone,” emphasised Kandu.

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