Commentator advises TC to hire passionate CEO

An agriculture expert Tamani Nkhono Mvula has called on TC to make sure it hires someone with passion to boost and develop the tobacco industry as it is looking to hire a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The Call has come after the Kayisi Sadala wrote informing the general public that his three year tenure as CEO of TC had come to an end.

Mvula says that since the sector is important to the country’s economy, the next CEO of the Commission should be a person who will have passion to effect positive change.

“The institution is very important in as far as the tobacco value chain in Malawi is concerned and probably extension the whole economy,” said Mvula.

He further said the CEO must be someone who understands the plight of tobacco farmers since they have also been facing several challenges.

Mvula said: “The people to be selected should be empathetic because here we are talking about the livelihood of the farmer, farmers have been complaining about the prices and markets so we need people that understand the plight of the farmers.”

Currently the Tobacco Commission is looking to fill the post of CEO after Kayisi Sadala left the institution.

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