AG pushes for supplementary electoral amendments

Attorney General (AG) Dr Chikosa Silungwe has proposed for the further amendment of the country`s electoral laws beyond the setting of the polling date.

Dr Silungwe made the suggestion in Lilongwe during an interface with the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs.

According to the AG, there is need for alignment of the polling in accordance with the dissolution of the National Assembly.

“I had make specific reference to the polling day being set in September of 2025 to have implications as to when you can dissolve the National Assembly so that has to be realigned.”

“They have been a lot of debates around electoral law reform in Malawi, and the issues that have risen out those debates are yet to be passed into law so I am aware of those process and I know that they need to be presented before Parliament,” he said.

Concurring with the Attorney General, the Committee`s Chairperson Yusuf Nthenda said the lawmakers indeed rushed in amending the electoral laws but not properly scrutinising the provisions.

“It is true, if you followed the way those laws were tabled in Parliament you will find that we did them in a hurry as if we rushing for something, we forgot to notice that when you amend one provision it may also affect another provision.”

“So the law was supposed to be read as a law not in just one section so there suggestion is pertinent, we are going to look at those amendments and see if we can propose more amendment so that all the provisions are speaking to each other,” said Nthenda.

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