Chinese national case adjourned to Dec

The Chief Resident Magistrate`s Court in Lilongwe has adjourned to December 9, 2020 a case in which a Chinese national Lin Yun Hua is being accused of dealing in government trophies and attempt to commit a felony.

Hua, who is being accused together with his Malawian counterpart Jimmy Mkwezalamba, also pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of rhino horns before the same court.

The court has since ordered that an immigration officer should come to court and demonstrate about Lin having multiple passports as part of evidence in the case.

In an interview, State lawyer Andy Kaonga said the State is ready to go through the evidence on Lin`s whereabouts during the time he reported to have been in the country but he denied.

“They have sought an order that we get documentation from immigration which can show us where he was during that particular time.”

“So we will wait up until that time comes and then we do get on and then on the 9th December will probably go through that,” said Kaonga.

The State has since faulted the accused for making conflicting statement at the time he was being cross-examined by the State.

In its earlier session, the Court dismissed that Mcpherson Jali, a Rhino horn convict who is saving a jail term sentence in Zomba Prison should come to court for re -cross examination.

The court also told the defense that they had ample time to cross examine the witnesses and that the defense did not provide any case authorities the time they making their submissions.

Ever since last year, Malawi has witnessed a rise in wildlife related crime largely being championed by foreign nationals as the Country is being used as a conduit to other continents, especially in Asia.

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