US government imposes visa restrictions on wildlife, timber traffickers

The United States government has enforced visa restrictions on wildlife and timber traffickers and their immediate family members to curb trafficking of wildlife and precious wood.

According to a press release issued by US Embassy in Malawi, the new measures have been instituted to make sure that USA is not used as a transit point for wildlife and timber traffickers.

This is a first of a kind visa restriction policy that is aimed at helping disrupt the movements and business of transitional criminal organizations which will make it harder for them to use America as a route to traffic wildlife and timber.

The policy has been approved to render inadmissible the state granting anyone whom the state thinks their actions can lead to serious adverse foreign policy consequences to the United States a access of entry into the country.

The US has further asked other countries to also think of coming up with similar policies in order to put an end to this vice.

Wildlife and timber trafficking is a multi-billion dollar international organized criminal activity that threatens security and economic growth, fuels corruption, and spreads disease.

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