Lightening claims life in Dowa

Lightening has stricken to death a 72 year old man in Dowa district.

Dowa Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Gladson M’bumpha identified the deceased as Semu Mustafa from Kasangu Village in the area of Traditional Authority Mkukula in the district.

He said the incident happened on Wednesday afternoon, December 2, 2020 in Kasangu village.

M’bumpha said that the deceased, Mustafa was sitting under the tree resting before meeting the fate.

“On this fateful afternoon, the deceased was at home lying under the tree resting after coming from the garden, while under the tree the rains started and lighting hit the tree and immediately Mustafa fell down,” he said.

M’bumpha said that, the children who were around saw what happened and reported the matter to the deceased’s brother, who together with some villagers rushed to the scene and found Mustafa lying dead on the ground.

They then took the deceased to Dzaleka Health Centre, where medical personnel after conducting postmortem certified the death as a result of cardiac arrest due to shock.

Police are advising the public to refrain from sitting under trees during the rainy season to avoid such deaths.

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