Tonse government pleads for patience on campaign promises

The Tonse Alliance government has asked for patience from the public on the fulfilment of some of its campaign promises saying President Lazarus Chakwera is working towards bringing the much needed change.

Addressing journalists at the weekly State House briefing held at Kamuzu Palace, State House Press Secretary Brian Banda said Chakwera has been in office for 169 days as such it would be unrealistic to expect everything to be done by now.

But Banda said Chakwera understands that people especially the youth are frustrated with the current situation but things will eventually change with time.

“President Chakwera understands and he sympathizes with them, that’s why his government is working day and night to make sure that he delivers,” said Banda.

He also said that the President Chakwera has already started delivering on some of those promises citing the increased tax free band threshold among others.

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