Economist calls for financial prudence during festive season

An economic commentator has advised the public to practice financial prudence during the festive season to ensure that they have enough to support them after the festivities.

Speaking to YFM, Betchani Tchereni said people should refrain from impulsive buying at all costs just because they are in the festive mood.

“Mostly people are taken up by the festive season some people drink more than they used to, they want to go to places that they have not gone to because other people are doing so,” said Tchereni.

He said that people should remember that there are other important matters that will require money after the festive season hence the need to properly plan.

Tchereni said: “People must remember that after Christmas after New Year there is life after that and people must eat come the next, people must have school fees and pay rentals and transport.”

He has since advised people to properly budget in order to refrain from impulse buying.

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