Rise in Covid-19 cases worry experts

Health experts are warning the public against continued laxity on COVID-19 pandemic preventive measures.

On Friday, Malawi registered 47 new COVID-19 cases, a figure which is the highest since August 26 this year.

Last week, the country experienced a steady increase in new cases leading to fears of the second wave for the pandemic.

Renowned health activist expressed concern that people are deliberately ignoring COVID-19 preventive measures.

“Although people are familiar with the preventive measures that were put in place by government, but they are deliberately ignoring them a development which is putting the country at risk of facing another wave of the pandemic which might lead to more deaths,” he said.

Matemba therefore said despite news that the vaccine for COVID-19 has been found in other countries, but there is need for the people to continue adhering to the preventive measures because it is not known when the vaccine will be accessible in the country.

According to a press statement signed by Co-Chairperson for Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19, Dr John Phuka, in the previous six days the number of active cases was 31 but the cases have more than tripled.

“We are prone to serious resurgence of the COVID-19 cases in our country and this threat is made worse with the festive season when social events and travel increase hence there is need for extra effort to reduce the spread of the disease and minimise the impact of the second wave,” reads part of the statement.

Cumulatively, Malawi has recorded 6,138 cases including 187 deaths.

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