Time for rhetoric is over: HRDC cautions government

The rights lobby group, Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has called upon government to seriously work on critical areas affecting people in the country.

According to HRDC, people`s expectation of the Tonse Administration remain high because it is on their delegation that the government owes its mandate.

“Malawians sacrificed a lot to put it in power, spurred by the promises by the Tonse Alliance to free them from the throes of lack of leadership experienced before on a range of social and economic issues,” reads part of the statement.

The Coalition says it is worried that for the past six months, government has been working been slow when acting on most important pronouncements.

“As we said in our review of the performance of this government recently, we are concerned by its slow place in making critical decisions. We reiterate that time is of essence on these matters and there is no room for excuses. We need action,” emphasised the Coalition.

HRDC has highlighted that Malawians have suffered enough from broken promises before and that the government needs to reward them for their sacrifices and trust by quickly meeting their expectations.

The coalition says the Tonse led administration should seriously work on eradicating corruption, crackdown on mob violence, protection of women and children, land justice, expediting justice delivery, roadmap for job creation among other pertinent issues impacting Malawians.

The Coalition says it is expecting that in 2021, the Tonse administration will heed the call of the people of Malawi to deliver more, fast and avert a possible crisis of public confidence.

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